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Stacy Lewis

World Language - Asl

World Languages: Part-Time Faculty

Office: F-211 on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) xxx.xxxx


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Stacy Lewis

I have been teaching American Sign Language at a variety of colleges and universities since 2000, from non-credit continual education classes to foreign language and interpreting training program classes. 

I hold a BA in Psychology at Gallaudet University, the only international university for the Deaf in Washington, D.C., and a MA in Education. I also have American Sign Language Teacher Association Certification.  My areas of interest are in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture; of which I’m fluent in both areas as I’m Deaf myself since birth. At age 12, I enrolled at Nebraska School for the Deaf (N.S.D) where I got introduced to American Sign Language that led me to find my identity as a Deaf person.  As a result, I became very successful in achieving what I believe in!  NSD was the turning point of my life and was very saddened when it was closed down in 1998.

I moved here to Washington State after spending most of my life in almost all over U.S.A. I am married to a wonderful deaf husband and have 4 hearing children.  Camping, reading, cooking are a few hobbies of mine.  Lately, I really enjoy trying new plant-based food recipes for 2 years now. I count every blessing with the discovery on how I can be cancer free after being diagnosed with cancer in 2012.  It has changed my life where I’m educating others about eating healthy food [Barley juice, vegetable juice, and vegetarian (85% whole food/raw and 15% cooked, no animal products including no milk and eggs) plus supplements].  I also am active in ministering to Deaf people at our church.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Happy Learning!

 Stacy Lewis
ASL Adjunct Faculty

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