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Anne Danford


Psychology: Instructor

Office: L 301-J on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.3237


Anne Danford BIO:

Teaching psychology is actually my third career.  My first graduate degree was in hospital administration in 1982.  After working as a hospital administrator in Seattle for a number of years, I returned to graduate school at the University of Washington in 1993 to become a psychotherapist, which I enjoyed doing until there was an opening to teach at the College in the fall of 2003. 

I was always envious of people who worked in careers where the huge stack of books they were so excited to read (okay, that probably shows my age) actually had to do with their jobs, and now I am one of those people.  One of my favorite books on education is Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach, and I always have a number of books on cognitive neuroscience in my pile, along with several on the study of dreams. 

 Psychology is such a wonderful field to study not only because learning about how humans think, act, and feel is inherently fascinating (that clearly shows my bias), but also because it is incredibly useful in a wide variety of careers. 

 Please don’t hesitate to email me about setting up a time to talk specifically about psychology or, more generally, about your career and life goals.

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