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Ben Fackler-Adams

Earth Science (astr/easc/geol/ocea)

Physical Sciences: Instructor

Office: A-202 on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7967


Courses I Teach:

CHEM105 - Chemistry Concepts 

CHEM121 - Intro. to Chemistry

EaSc102 - Meteorology

EaSc111 - Matter & Energy in Earth Sciences (a course in the 111 Series for future teachers)

GEOL100 - Survey of Earth Science

GEOL101 - Intro to Physical Geology 

GEOL110 - Environmental Geology

GEOL208 - Geology of the Pacific Northwest

PHYS111 - Matter & Energy in Physical Systems

Learning Communities Taught: Pathways to Sustainability - The chemistry and social science behind how society uses resources.

Northwest Indians Rock! - How did the First Peoples of the region interact with their environment.

Earth Exposition* - How are scientific arguments constructed with specific reference to our understanding of the importance of the environment to our lives.

Feats of Clays - How do the resources we use in ceramics originate & what similarities exist between Earth and ceramic processes. *

Spring Class Schedule