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Ann Zukoski


Physics: Instructor

Office: A-208 on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7977


Photo of Ann Zukoski, PhD

Ann Zukoski, PhD


Courses Taught at SVC:
Physics Non-science Majors (PHYS100)
General Physics I, II, III (PHYS124/134, PHYS125/135; PHYS126/136)
Engineering Physics I, II, III (PHYS 231/241, PHYS 232/242; PHYS 233/243)
Engineering - Statics (ENGR214)
Engineering - Dynamics (ENGR215)
Matter and Energy in Physics (PHYS111)
Introduction to Physical Science (NASC100)
Introduction to Earth Science (EASC100)
Learning Community - "Antigone to Antimatter" (PHYS100 & ENGL114)
Learning Community - "Why is the Sky Blue?" (PHYS100 & ENGL101)
Learning Community - "Falling Apples and Empires" (PHYS100 & HIST117)
Learning Community - "Decoding Science" (CS100)

I am a former US Naval Geophysics Officer  and my physics background is in theoretical high energy physics. My interests include travel, science fiction and puzzles.

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