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Greta Kocol


Mathematics: Instructor of Mathematics

Office: L-201T on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7917


Photo of Winter Quarter 2019

Winter Quarter 2019

Happy New Year!  I'm Greta Kocol and this is my 22nd year here at Skagit Valley College.  I spent the summer doing a builiding project that involved some heavy physical labor so I was eager to get back into the groove helping students learn mathematics.  I've been enjoying mathematics, puzzles and games since I can remember.  When I first started college myself, I attended Everett Community College.  Eventually I ended up at Western Washington University where I earned a BA in Mathematics Education and a Master of Science in Mathematics.  I spent some time teaching junior high and high school math students before I began work at SVC.

I had a wonderful trip to enjoy a German Christmas in Long Beach, WA over the break.  We had a fun time there with family.   Now, I'm ready to help you learn new skills and become a better critical thinker. I am looking forward to working on some fun and challenging problems with you.  I hope this quarter goes smoothly for you.  See you around campus!

Winter Quarter Schedule  
I am on campus on Monday, Wednesdays, and some Tuesdays.

4:20 - 6:45PM   Intermediate Algebra, Math 98 EV , L224
7:00 - 9:05PM   Statistics, Math 146EV, L224
     OFFICE HOUR - Monday, Wednesday 3:00-4:30PM,  I am available at these times for drop in visits.
     OFFICE HOUR - also available by appointment, please email me to set up a time to meet.

Online:  Precalculus II - Math 142 DE
             Statistics - Math 146 DE2

Wedgemount Glacier, BC Canada              

Photo of Wedgemount Glacier

Books for SPRING 2019

Math 146C - Statistics Learning Community, Tide Lines and Trend Lines:  Elementary Statistics, 12th edition, Mario Triola.  This older edition of the Triola text can be purchased cheaply online.  

A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is also required for the course.  You can rent one for $20 per quarter.

Math 146 DE:  A MyLabMath access code/kit is required for the class.  The Math 146 text is available online with the code, a paper copy of the book is optional.  Text:  Elementary Statistics, 12th edition.   (Buyer Beware:  If you purchase an access code online the code number must not have been previously used or it will not work.  Purchasing from Pearson directly at MyLabMath registration is safe and is approximately $100)  If you don't have the money right now, you can always log into the course with a temporary 14-day access in order to get started immediately.

A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is also required for the course.  You can rent one for $20 per quarter.

Other SVC Mathematics Resources:

Math Center - L221 Drop in Tutoring and a great place to work on homework
Online Tutoring
Skagit Valley College - Drop In Tutoring and Math Center Schedule
SVC Mathematics Courses Flowchart

A Problem to Keep You Busy:

The Annual Picnic
When they started off on the great annual picnic, every wagon carried the same number of persons.  Half way tothe grounds ten wagons broke down, so it was necessary for each remaing wagon to carry one more person.
When they started home it was discovered that fifteen more wagons were out of commission, so on the return trip there were three persons more in each wagon than when they started out in the morning.
How many people attended the great annual picnic?

Greta hiking at Wedgemount Lake this past summer...

Photo of Wedgemount Lake

Online Mathematics Resources:

Math Teacher with Math Anxiety!
Printable Graph Paper - Rectangular, Polar, logarithmic, semi-log, etc.
Peanut Software  - Free mathematics software: Plotting using winplot available at this website.
Unit Converter - Metric and US Customary Units
Pick a Number Mindreader   
MathNexus - A great resource for mathematics and math educators
The MacTutor History of Math Archive - Excellent repository with information about mathematicians and historical topics
Census Bureau Dynamic Population Clocks - Watch the poulation of the US and the World change before your eyes.

The Cartalk Puzzler - One of my favorite collections of problems from two funny guys.
The Grey Labyrinth - Some great puzzles!
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany - Lots of problems at different levels

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematical Association of America
The American Mathematical Society


Spring Class Schedule