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Greta Kocol


Mathematics: Instructor of Mathematics

Office: L-201T on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7917


Photo of Fall Quarter 2016

Fall Quarter 2016

Hello!  I'm Greta Kocol and I'm here at Skagit Valley College to help you learn mathematics.  I've been enjoying mathematics, puzzles and games since I can remember.  When I first started college myself, I attended Everett Community College.  Eventually I ended up at Western Washington University where I earned a BA in Mathematics Education and a Master of Science in Mathematics.  I spent some time teaching junior high and high school math students before I began work at SVC nineteen years ago.

This summer I enjoyed swimming, dog walking, playing with my granddaughters, teaching VBS, and traveling on the Oregon coast to a family reunion in Sacramento.  I am looking forward to working on some fun and challenging problems with you.  I hope this quarter goes smoothly for you.  See you around campus!

Fall Quarter Schedule

9:30 AM Daily: Beginning Algebra - Math 97
10:30 AM Daily: Office Hour in L201T
11:30 AM Daily: Statistics - Math 146
12:30 PM TTh: Yoga :)

Photo of Books for Fall Quarter 2016:

Books for Fall Quarter 2016:

Math 97 and Math 98: A MyMathLab access code/kit is required for the class.  The Math 97 text is available online with the code, a paper copy of the book is optional.  Text for Math 97/98:  Elementary and Intermediate Algebra - Functions and Authentic Applications 2e, Jay Lehmann.   (Buyer Beware:  If you purchase an access code online the code number must not have been previously used or it will not work.  Purchasing from Pearson directly at MyMathLab registration is safe and is approximately $100)  If you don't have the money right now, you can always log into the course with a temporary 14-day access in order to get started immediately.

MATH 146 - Statistics:  The text for the course is Elementary Statistics, 12th edition, Mario Triola.  You may purchase and use an older edition online for much less ($7.01).

Other SVC Mathematics Resources:

Math Center - L221 Drop in Tutoring and a great place to work on homework
Online Tutoring
Skagit Valley College - Drop In Tutoring and Math Center Schedule
SVC Mathematics Courses Flowchart

A Problem to Keep You Busy:

"It was a dark, moonless night in France, 1943, deep within German-held territory. Out of the inky shadows comes Claudette, the beautiful French resistance fighter, followed by three downed Allied crew members, who she must get back into friendly hands. They must cross a bridge, and they know the Germans are not far behind. It's an old, treacherous bridge, and they have only one flashlight among them to see. The bridge can support only two of them at a time. Three on the bridge, and its curtains.

"Pairs crossing can do so only as quickly as the slower member of the pair, because they need the flashlight to see. Each time a pair crosses, someone has to return with the flashlight, until they're all safely across.

"Unfortunately, the three downed airmen are injured. Here are the times each person takes to cross the bridge: Claudette can do it in a minute. Major Johnson has a twisted ankle, and takes 2 minutes. Captain Kangaroo got shot up pretty bad. He has to hop on one foot, and it takes him 5 minutes. Colonel Mustard is in worse shape. It takes him 10 minutes to cross the bridge.

"Claudette has rigged the bridge with explosives so that their pursuers can't follow. She's about to set the timer."

Here's the puzzler: What's the shortest time she can set and get everyone safely across the bridge before it blows up?


Mathmatics Resources Links:


Printable Graph Paper - Rectangular, Polar, logarithmic, semi-log, etc.
Quote for the Day 
Peanut Software Homepage - Free mathematics software: Plotting, Geometry, Integer Calculator that can handle millions of digits, Statistics, Games, etc.
Unit Converter - Metric and US Customary Units
Pick a Number Mindreader   
Han's Roslings 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes....Must See Stats!  
Charles Babbage 
Math Study Skills
Purple Math Algebra topics
Videos of Math Lectures - Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Alabama has a variety of math videos in their libary.
Saint Louis University Mathematics Applets  
MathNexus - A great resource for mathematics and math educators
The Math Forum
The MacTutor History of Math Archive
How to Listen to Math Lectures - In Praise of Lectures by T. W. Korner, University of Cambridge
Archimedes - The Palimpsest - Information about the recent discovery of a manuscript of Archimedes that was written over as prayer book.
Census Bureau Dynamic Population Clocks - Watch the poulation of the US and the World change before your eyes.

Problem Solving

The Cartalk Puzzler - One of my favorite collections of problems from two funny guys.
The Grey Labyrinth - Some great puzzles!
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany

Contemporary Mathematics

John Allen Paulos - Author of "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper"
The MegaPenny Project - How many pennies are in circulation? How big is a billion penny structure? How about a quadrillion?
Just how big is a one dollar bill?
The Empire State Building - How tall is it?
Safeco Field - How big is the stadium?
Mt. Rainier
World Trade Center
U-Haul moving van sizes
Monte Hall Applet - Simulate the Monte Hall problem over and over with the Java applet. Try using the SWITCH strategy and also the STAY strategy. What happens?
Nova interview with Andrew Wiles - This man spent over 7 years of his life devoted to proving Fermat's Last Theorem.
Fermat's Last Theorem
Lewis Carroll - or... Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Math in Everyday Life
The Artwork of MC Escher
Jackson Pollock
Math in the Movies
The Fibonacci Sequence
The Shroud of Turin


Graph Paper with 4 grids per page
Purple Math Algebra topics
How Big are Bacteria?
Online Algebra Text


Musical Note frequencies
Light Intensity vs. Distance Relationship
The pH Factor and another pH site
Antique Radio Page - Can you find a logarithmic scale on one of those radios?
The Seattle Space Needle - How tall is it anyway?
The Decibel Scale - brought to you by coolmath
The Gateway Arch - Or as more properly named... The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The Catenary Curve - Using Geometer's sketchpad by Paul Kunkel
Watch Galloping Gertie Sway - A video clip of the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge


Twenty Calculus Links from Jerry Johnson at WWW and MathNexus
Visual Calculus - A collections of modules useful for studying calculus.
Saint Louis University Calculus Applets
Calculus on Demand at Dartmouth College - A collection of applets, examples, and videos.
Exambot - A good resource for calculus problems
COW - Calculus on the web
Whistler Alley Mathematics by Paul Kunkel - Check out the sketchpad lessons for the Brachistochrone (Cycloid Curve), Catenary, and the Volume of a Torus.
Calculus graphics - The volume of the intersection of two cylinders
Eggmath - How would you find the equation for the curve of an egg?
I Love Calculus!!
Wolframs web Integrator


TI-89 Statistics Editor Flash Program - Download and install with TI-Connect
The Data and Story Library - Good place to find data sets with a brief abstract.
Climate Data from US Historical Climatology Network
National Center for Health Statistics
Chance Database Welcome Page
Statistics - Annenberg Media
The DAU Stat Refresher

Mathematical Associations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematical Association of America
The American Mathematical Society


Winter Class Schedule