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Abel Gage


Mathematics: Instructor of Mathematics

Office: L-201G on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7894


Proctored Final Exams for Distance Education classes

All distance education math classes at Skagit Valley College require a pencil-and-paper proctored final exam.  Your DE math class will have a scheduled time for you to come to campus and take this exam.  If it isn't possible for you to come to campus, your instructor will work with you to find a qualified proctor to administer the exam to you.  It is your responsibility to find a proctor local to you and let the instructor know about it.  Public libraries, colleges, and commerial tutoring locations (such as Kaplan) often offer proctoring.  If you have any questions, ask your instructor. 

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Abel Gage

Abel was born on a windy Sunday, married on a sunny Saturday, and hopes to retire on a rainy Friday.  In between, he got a couple math degrees, taught in Kentucky, moved to the Bronx, and found the best teaching job on earth:  Skagit Valley College.  He enjoys teaching all levels of math, but has a special fondness for pre-algebra, calculus, and statistics.  He has a passion for good data visualization, and 3-D pie charts make him want to find a grave in which to roll over.  

Abel was addicted to the hokey pokey, but he turned himself around.  He likes doing things outside, and other things inside.  Sometimes he stands in the doorway so he can do both at once.  He also occasionally writes biographies of himself in third-person. 

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