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Larry Sather

Communications Studies (speech)

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Ph.D.  August, 1974 - Washington State University
M.A.   March, 1971 - Western Washington University
B.A.  March 1966  -  University of Washington     

Master’s Degree Level

Business Communication Theory and Practice, Interviewing, Business and Professional Speaking, Political Communication

 Upper Division Level

Intercultural Communication, Organization Communication, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Business and Professional Speaking, Political Communication, Small Group Problem-Solving Discussion, Interviewing, Managing Speech Fright, International Communication, Communication and Consensus, Communication and Conflict, Communication and Stress, Contemporary Rhetoric, Rhetorical Theory---Ancient Through Modern

 Lower Division Level

 Public Speaking I & II, Introduction to Speech, Argumentation Theory, Persuasion, Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Campaign Persuasion, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Parliamentary Procedure, Business Communication, Group Discussion, Methods of Rhetorical Criticism, Argumentation and Debate, Small Group Communication


 “A Suggestion on Grading:  Quantitative Grading for the Qualitative Teacher,”
by Lawrence A. Sather in NSCA Journal, Volume 26 (Fall 1980), No. 1, 25-27.


Basic Speech Workbook by William E. Deahl, Jr. and Lawrence A. Sather. 
Burgess Publishing Company: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1979.


“Big Elk” in “La Belle Vue”:  Studies in the History of Bellevue, Nebraska, edited by
Jerold L. Simmons, Printed by Wadsworth Publishing Company, Marceline, Missouri, 1976, 107-116.


Speech in the Liberal Art Context by William E. Deahl, Jr. and Lawrence A. Sather.
Burgess Publishing Company: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1981, 1979.

Teaching Experience

Skagit Valley College                         Speech Instructor                  2002 - present 

Columbia College                               Adjunct Faculty Member      1997 - 2013

Lake Washington Technical              Speech Instructor                  1994 - 2004

Whatcom Community College          Speech Instructor                 1993 - 1993

North Seattle Community College   Speech Instructor                  1991 - 1992

Central Washington University       Lecturer                                   1989 - 2002

University of Nebraska-Lincoln      Adjunct Faculty Member        1985 - 1987

University of Northern Colorado    Assistant Professor                1984 - 1985

Bellevue College                             Assistant Professor                 1973 - 1981                  

Bellevue, Nebraska                         Teach, Advise, Committee Work     1973                 

Washington State University         Teaching Assistant                  1970-1973


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