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Office: H 102 on the Whidbey Island campus

Phone: (360) 679.5360


Mathematics Instructor

My office is on the Whidbey Island Campus in Hayes Hall (Opposite end from the Town Library), room 102. Office hours by appointment. Please email me at

WMath 100 DE Su 2017 #3539

On-Line Class     Click here for Summer DE Syllabus .pdf format        Click here for Summer DE Welcome.pdf format   1 On Campus Exam

- ON LINE COURSEWORK is at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site   

Course Name:  WMath 100 DE Summer 2017     Course ID: grimshaw69307

For course work go to:  MyMathLab (MML). Open your existing pearson account or Create a new user account or using your mySVC email address as you user name & Password [One time enrollment; then  Select an access option.  Enter the access code that came with your textbook or was purchased separately from the bookstore or Buy access using a credit card or PayPal account. You can get temporary access for 14 days Free by selecting the link near the bottom of the page from the You're Done! page, select Go To My Courses.
On the My Courses page, select the course name WMath 100 DE Summer 2017 to start your work. After first login go to MML directly to do course work, you don't need to go through Canvas or any SVC site to get to MML]

Required Activity: 1 In-Classroom proctored Final TEST -early by e-mail arrangement or pick your test

Whidbey Campus - Oak Hall - Room A- 225  -  Mt. Vernon Campus  - Lewis Hall L- 226

Final Exam: Wednesday 8/23 from 1-4pm  Mt.V  Rm L-226   or   Thursday 8/24 from 5 - 9pm  Whidbey Rm A- 225

Web based - Skills Class, for Professional/Technical Students, to review & practice basic Mathematics used in several occupational clusters, like; estimation effective calculator usage and practical problem solving. Includes conversions using metric, and household scales, & percentages. There will be an On Campus Proctored Final Paper Test in this class [15% of course grade]. If you miss the Final you have one calendar week to make arrangements to make it up & you will receive a grade of "0" on the final, until this is done. The Whidbey College Library is the site for make-up tests. There is a Library proctoring procedure for make-up tests. There will be 10 On-Line Chapter Quizzes [Open Book+Formula Page] during the quarter [5.5% ea.] . Quizzes can't be made-up unless arrangements are made by e-mail message [10% late penalty per week; max of 1 without documentation of need].  The average of On-Line homeworks tracked on MyMathLab will be 30% of the grade. During the Exam please silence your cell phones, beepers, pagers, radio’s etc., you can quietly listen to mp3s. Prerequisite: MATH 96 with a grade of C or higher, or equivalent math placement score.    This class uses 2 computer sites; MySVC g-mail & MyMathLab {MML}. MyMathLab is used for online testing, online graded homework and practice problems, handouts, & grade reporting. MySVC g-mail is used for communication, & replies to questions. 

Required Supplies: MML Access Code +  Calculator: Optional Paper Book College Mathematics 9th Ed by Cleaves and Hobbs. +  2-line or more Scientific Calculator  Required {TI-30XIIS recommended}. A graphing calculator can be used{ except Smart Phone, or TI-CAS, or TI-nspire}, but the 2-line calculator will work better in this class. The book store has MML access codes, opptional Paper books,  & Calculators. 2-line or better Scientific Calculator Required


H Math 100 Medical Dosage Calculations Info Sheet

Applied Math for Nursing & and other Health Professionals [5 credits]

Two Lecture Classes per week or Online with 2 On Campus Proctored Tests

Fall-early morning     Winter-midday, night      Spring-afternoon, night        Summer-online

Sample.pdf of the hardest questions from H Math 100.

Students work these questions using MEMORIZED conversions without notes.

1st Handout for HMath 100 - Abbreviations & Equivelents

This is the current list of Abbreviations & Equivelents you must memorize in blocks for Chapters 2 - 5. 


Winter Class Schedule