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Zoe Grimshaw

Mathematics - Health Professions


Office: B-204 on the Whidbey Island campus

Phone: (360) 679.5360


Mathematics/ Nursing Instructor

My office is on the Whidbey Island Campus in Old Main (2nd Floor), room 204. I am usually in Oak Hall  A-227.
The class,  HMath 100, uses the Website (NEW THIS YEAR) MOODLE2 at  + Communicate via MySVC g-mail.

HMath 100 DEFall 2016 #3

On-Line Class     Click here for Summer DE Syllabus .pdf format         2 On Campus Exams  Look at the End of this page for the 1st Handout for this class.


Course Name:  HMath100 DE 2016 Fall #3343     -  GRIMSHAW  Fall 2016

For course work go to:  Moodle Made Easy at  Create a new user account using your mySVC email address as you user name  & Password. Then search CRTeacher for the course name and enter the course key [One time enrollment;   after first login go to CRTeacher2 directly to do course work, you don't need to go through Canvas or any SVC site to get to]
Course Name: HMath100DE 2016 Fall #3    GRIMSHAW  Fall'16      KEY:    1003538B672

After enrolling, links to your courses will be available in the My Courses block.   Moodle Made Easy at

Required Activity: 2 In-Classroom proctored Computer TESTS - Whidbey Campus - Oak Hall - Room A- 227  -  Mt. Vernon Campus  - Ford Hall F-112

Midterm Exam      Wednesday 10/26 from 6 - 8:30pm  Room A- 227  on Whidbey Campus
        Tuesday 10/25 from 1:00 - 3 pm  RoomF-112 on Mt. Vernon Campus   
Final Exam:        Wednesday 10/7 from 6 - 9pm  Room A- 227 on Whidbey Campus
        Tuesday 12/6 from 1:00 - 4 pm  Room F-112 on Mt. Vernon Campus

Welcome Video

Web Based - Skills Class, for nursing students, to calculate medication dosages, % changes and intravenous flow rates. Includes conversions using metric, household & apothecary scales, percentages & scientific notation. There will be 2 [15% ea] Tests in this class. These are 2 On Campus Proctored Tests. If you miss the Midterm you have one calendar week to make it up or receive a grade of "0". If you miss the Final you have one calendar week to make arrangements to make it up & you will receive a grade of "0" until this is done. The Whidbey College Library is the site for make-up tests. There is a Library proctoring procedure for make-up tests There will be ~5 [10%ea] Online Exams during the quarter. Exams can't be made-up unless arrangements are made before the online Exam closes by e-mail message. The average of Homework assignments(~60) done in Moodle2 will equal 20% of the grade. This is a prerequisite to entrance into the SVC Health Occupations programs, as such students are expected to act in a professional manner. Durring Proctored Tests; Please silence your cell phones, beepers, pagers, radio's etc. You can listen to mp3s during exams as long as your neighbor can't hear the music. Be sure to bring a scientific 2-line Calculator and your MySVC username, & password to the exam  Prerequisite: MATH 96 with a grade of C or higher, or equivalent math placement score.

RequiredPaper Book or E-book + 2-line Scientific Calculator see College Bookstore site for ISBNs. All are Available at the Cardinal Bookstore or online: Paper Book: Medical Dosage Calculations 11th Edition By: Olsen, Giangrasso, Shrimpton, Dillon  -new or used no additional sortware required 2-line or better Scientific Calculator Required {TI-30XIIS reccomended or any graphing calculator except TI-nspire}


H Math 100 Medical Dosage Calculations Info Sheet

Applied Math for Nursing & and other Health Professionals [5 credits]

Two Lecture Classes per week or Online with 2 On Campus Proctored Tests

Fall-early morning     Winter-midday, night      Spring-afternoon, night        Summer-online

Sample.pdf of the hardest questions from H Math 100.

Students work these questions using MEMORIZED conversions without notes.

1st Handout for HMath 100 - Abbreviations & Equivelents

This is the current list of Abbreviations & Equivelents you must memorize in blocks for Chapters 2 - 5. 


Spring Class Schedule