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Lee Ash

Business Admin & Accounting

ACAD: PT Faculty

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I enjoy teaching business and economics because these disciplines give us valuable tools to interpret the world around us. I have worked in and taught business for the past 30 years. My experience covers being self-employed, working for a small start-up software firm that failed and a Fortune 500 corporation which didn't. During much of my teaching career I have been involved helping organizations improve their processes through the use of statistical tools and teamwork. Recently I have been fortunate to have served as Quality Matters Coordinator at SVC to assist faculty in improving their course design. 

I currently teach Business Administration and Economics courses at Skagit Valley College. My undergraduate work was in Forest Management. I spent many years in the timber industry of Western Oregon, both in the woods and in the mills. It was a good career until the timber recession developed in the 1980's, and I got a first-hand education in the economics of recession and unemployment. Since my graduate work was in Business at Oregon State University, I was fortunate to receive an offer to teach in their Business College. Eventually I moved to Skagit County to be closer to the ocean and sailing that I love. Having grown up in Hawaii I enjoy water sports of all kinds. I am an avid sailor and enjoy sailing in the San Juan Islands and along the BC coast. 

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