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Hilda Halliday

Computer Science

Computer Science : Instructor

Office: L-201J on the Mount Vernon campus

Phone: (360) 416.7779


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Spring 2019 Office Hours

Mon-Thu 11:30-12:20
Tue 12:30-1:20
Other office hours available by appointment

  • Winter office hours are effective Apr 9, 2019 to Jun 14, 2019.
  • The purpose of office hours is for students to receive one-on-one help with coursework and advising. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this resource.
  • Office hours can be conducted by phone, online or in person.

Spring 2019 Course Materials Required in Classes Taught by Hilda

CS 142 and CS 143 Java Programming I and II
Students are required to have access to a textbook or eText and the Companion Website
Textbook: Building Java Programs 4th edition by Reges
Standard Print book ISBN: 978-0-13-432276-6
(Inside cover contains access code to companion website--if the book is new or code unused by previous owner.)
Companion Website: Sign in, register, or buy access
Unbound Student Value Edition print textbook ISBN: 978-0-13-432465-4
eText subscription: can be purchased directly from the publishers at

CS 211 C++ Programming II
Students are required to have access to a textbook or eText, and access to MyLab Programming website
Textbook: C++ How to Program 10th edition by Deitel
Standard Print book ISBN: 978-0-13-444823-7
Unbound Student Value Edition print textbook ISBN: 978-0-13-444884-8
eText subscription and/or MyLab Programming access code can be purchased directly from the publishers at:

WMath 100
Students need a MyMathLab access code that can be purchased from the Cardinal Bookstore, or online from

Hilda's Vitae

Teaching Computer Science and Mathematics since 1985
  • MS & BS Computer Science; Western Washington University
  • Fall 2018 sabbatical work on curriculum development influenced by inclusive, student-centered pedagogy training
  • Winter 2017 participant in SVC Inclusive Pedagogy faculty learning community
  • Winter 2017 participant in Reading Apprenticeship conference
  • Participant in 2015-17 NSF-funded "Change at the Core" (C-Core) project through Western Washington University to transform STEM education using student-centered approach to learning.

Spring Class Schedule